Certify Your Skills: Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer

The Importance of the New Dynamics 365 Business Central Developers Certification

With the rapid evolution of technology, the demand for skilled professionals in the realm of Dynamics 365 Business Central is at an all-time high. To validate the expertise of developers in designing, developing, testing, and maintaining solutions and apps within Business Central, Microsoft has introduced a new certification program. Let's delve into the intricacies of this certification and understand its significance in the tech industry.

What Does the Certification Entail?

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Developers certification focuses on equipping individuals with the necessary skills to customize the functionality, integrate with other services like Microsoft Power Platform, and troubleshoot and debug issues efficiently. Developers are expected to be proficient in the AL language, creating extensions, and publishing apps on AppSource.

  • Designing and developing solutions
  • Customizing Business Central functionality
  • Integrating with Microsoft Power Platform
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Working with AL language, extensions, and AppSource

Why Pursue This Certification?

Obtaining the Dynamics 365 Business Central Developers certification can open up a plethora of opportunities in the job market. Companies are constantly seeking individuals who are well-versed in the latest technologies, frameworks, and services related to Business Central. This certification serves as a testament to one's expertise in application lifecycle management, source control management, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

Real-World Applications

For instance, a recent survey revealed that 80% of employers prefer hiring candidates with relevant certifications. This demonstrates the value that certifications hold in the eyes of employers when evaluating potential candidates for developer roles within their organizations. With the Dynamics 365 Business Central Developers certification, developers can showcase their proficiency and stand out in a competitive job market.

Enhancing Skills and Knowledge

Moreover, pursuing this certification is not just about validation but also about continuous learning. The process of preparing for the allows developers to delve deeper into the intricacies of Business Central development, thereby enhancing their skills and knowledge in the process. This, in turn, enables them to tackle real-world challenges more effectively and efficiently.


In conclusion, the Dynamics 365 Business Central Developers certification plays a pivotal role in validating the skills and expertise of developers in the ever-evolving landscape of Microsoft Business Central. By acquiring this certification, developers can not only enhance their career prospects but also contribute meaningfully to the organizations they work for. So, if you are a developer looking to stay ahead in the game, investing in this certification could be the key to unlocking a world of opportunities.

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